Building Confidence

Hi everyone, with all this time off I am going to spend at least the next 7 days working on confidence building activities. I am going to start everyday doing Hal Elrod’s S.A.V.E.R.S which is :

S : Silence a time for meditation

A: Affirmation a time to repeat affirmations to myself, ideally outloud.

V: Visualization, first I will look at what I want to create and then I will create a vision board and I will look at that

E: Exercise I will exercise for at least 10 mins in the morning

R: Reading I will read 10 mins a day on self help or an article about confidence

S: Scribing I will spend 10 minutes writing

I will start to look at confidence building activities that take 30 minutes or less and will work on doing one everyday for the next 7 days. Today I will find activities so that I do not spend all the time looking for more